Overall strategyEdit

If you are playing as the Arab and Indian factions, Xebecs are the initial bread and butter of your fleets most of the time. The Bedouin Tribes and the Maghreb are very much constrained to using them for the whole duration of the game, for they have nothing else to fight with, apart from Fire Vessels and Torpedo Boats to fend off heavy enemy warships (unless of course they can capture a Military-Industrial Complex and its plans). For the other factions, it is a little better: the Indian, Persian and Turkish factions are somewhat luckier in that they are able to access better weapon systems, most notably the Steam Frigate or the heavy ship line, consisting of the War Junk and the Galleon (and much later the Heavy Frigate for India and the Ship of the Line for the Turks). Until then however, the best you can do is to use the Rocket Boats as a deterrent against heavy enemy warships, then keep the Xebecs around in order to fend off light and medium warships and to protect your own anti-ship vessels from danger.

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