Warjunk Rkc
War Junk — Vital statistics

Jonque indienne
Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed Movement
  • Pecunia
250 14 34 2.7s
Cost Created from Armour Weapon range Specialty
Base Ramp Pop
Holz: 120
Ore: 120
Reichtum: 1 2 Estaleiro 14 0–12
  • Attack penalty versus heavy cavalry, buildings
Marat sm China oda

Overall strategyEdit

The War Junk is the main "heavy" warship of the Indian and Chinese fleets (as well as that of many other minor Asian states, excluding Japan), and with performance comparable to that of a European Frigate. The difference however is that these warships cost Wealth, not Metal, and do not need Military research, but suffer from a lower rate of fire. In contrast to the lighter Xebec War Junks are the main "cannon" ships of most early Asian navies, being tasked with duelling en masse against enemy artillery and fortifications at fairly close ranges, so this is the staple ship you will be using unless you are playing either as Japan or Korea. Because they don't have the same range as a Galleass or a Bomb Ketch, always seek to use War Junks to swarm enemy fortifications, but do not destroy them. Instead, distract the enemy with the cannon fire of your War Junks so as to open the land for the arrival of artillery or melee infantry who will deal damage to the enemy's fortifications. Concentrate Fire Vessels or Rocket Boats to despatch your opponent's heavy vessels from interfering, then close in for the kill. If you are playing as Japan or India, you will get most of the Heavy Ship line, so you will need not worry about the use of War Junks. India in Rise of Napoleon is very much confined to using them, but the Indian States of Rise of the Moderns can always upgrade them to Heavy Frigates, which then can be upgraded to Steam Frigates. For Korea, War Junks are the primary warship but they are not the best. The title of best ship lies with the Geobukseon , a super-heavy ship that can be used to counter ALL Galleons and Frigate-type vessels in the early game. Once you do reach the Industrial Era, however, you will then need to have them replaced with the killing power of Monitors.

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