Vielle Garde

Grenadiers vielle Garde cameo

Élite infantryman unique to France. Stronger and tougher than normal Musketeers but is costlier.

  • Strong versus cavalry, infantry, buildings
  • Weak versus anti-personnel weapons such as Flying Artillery
Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed Movement
  • Standingarmy Militiae
170 12 30 2.9s
Cost Created from Armour Weapon range Specialty
Base Ramp Pop
Food: 80
Book: 70

Food: 1
Book: 1

  • Castelo
  • Forto
  • Polygonals
3 0–11 Bonus damage versus buildings.

France imp

Overall strategyEdit

The finest infantry that France can muster, these are also some of the costliest too. But are they worth it? absolutely. As warriors come, these units are tough, unyeilding and stern, especially if pitted against melee units or structures. En masse, they are truly an unspeakable force that can win many engagements for you before pressing on to the enemy's capital. In comparison to normal Musketeers, the Vielle Garde are substantially better, especially as marching units go. Not only do they outrange the former, they also surpass them in tactical battles, being able to last much longer and hit harder. In groups of 6 or more, they are a menace to most buildings and structures, being the elite units meant to seize and hold cities and demolish fortifications.

The only issue here is their cost. While it may seem that they are marginally cheaper than normal Musketeers, they can also drain your nation of Knowledge fairly quickly, especially moreso at the later stages when Technologies become costlier and more crucial to success. Additionally, anti-personnel weapons such as Flying Artillery or Rocket Artillery Squads still hurt just as much, so. Even simple Spearmen with these units in their trail can easily defeat a poorly managed Vielle Garde unit that tries to attack them at range so by all accounts, you should not think of relying on them alone to win battles for you, but keep a close guard of cavalry nearby to escort them.

The best use for the Vielle Garde is to form up a defensive line to defend against cavalry charges, especially since your Muskteers are very weak to melee attacks. In battles, try not to waste them, instead use them in a defensive manner to attack enemy troops whereso needed, until you finally arrive at your enemy's settlements where you can bring their devastating anti-building bonus to bear upon them.

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