In gameEdit

Pike elite tap
Vatican Guards — Vital statistics

  • Basic-level gunpowder infantryman, used by most factions.
Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed Movement


210 9 20 32 25
Cost Created from Armour Weapon range Specialty
Base Ramp Pop
Food: 30
Ore: 30
Food: 1
Ore: 1
1 Barracks 6 Melee ?

Overall StrategyEdit

Swordsmen make up the rank and file of Castle Age armies. With their large kiteshields and chainmail armour, swordsmen constitute a force to be reckoned with against your opponents' archers and undefended flanks. Like all light infantry, however, they have a serious problem with heavy cavalry units and frontal assaults by units in numbers equal to them - 20 knights will easily vanquish 20 swordsmen in a single match.

Thus, your swordsmen like all light infantry should always be placed on the wings of your army, or used as a flanking force at all time. This is feasible given their fleetness of foot. Another feasible but far more risky tactic using swordsmen is the sword rush, given the relative cheap cost for producing swordsmen: in the time that it takes to create 1 pikeman, you could easily create at least 2 bodies of swordsmen..

Unit summaryEdit


The use and popularity of polearms throughout Europe and Asia attests much to the popularity of this weapon: despite being deceptively simple to make, a polearm was highly lethal, especially in the hands of well-trained users. Polearms combined the long reach of spears and shorter weapons, such as warhammers or swords to form a highly versatile anti-personnel weapon. Caesar's naval victory in north-eastern Gaul (present-day Brittany, France) was attributed to the use of billhooks which were used to disable Gaulish ships, granting the Romans north-western Gaul. In Northern Asia and Northern Europe, polearms were often the favourite weapons of various armies, because of their availability and were even used from horseback in China and Japan. It was an unnamed Lorrainian peasant soldier who killed Charles the Bold with a halberd at Nancy in 1477, ending the Burgundian Wars in one stroke.

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