I originally didn't want to work on them. But nevertheless...

Mercantile Era

(I think I will ignore the Colonial Era wonders as of now)

  1. Suleymani Jami (red 2 - Attrition, coastal cannon bonuses. Spawns 4 circassian cavalry.)
  2. Forbidden City (red 1 - normal bonuses. Also +2 borders. Spawns 3 royal mercenaries.
  3. Punta de' Dogana (green 1 - Raises wealth and pop cap. Unique technology: Fondaco)
  • This wonder prevents happiness loss from having built smelters.
  1. Kanei-ji (green 1 - Unique technology: Tea Ceremony. Kanei-ji speeds up the construction of farms and fishing boats.)

Imperial Era

  1. Versailles (red 1 - Prevents loss of happiness from losing cities. Your Supply Wagons can heal your troops (and Austrian Supply Wagons heal at double normal rate. Spawns some barrage balloons)
  2. Brass Elephant (red 1 - spawns cannon?)
  • This wonder actually increases the happiness rating you get from red governments. Perhaps it should be the ONLY power it can grant.
  1. La Scala (green 1 - Moderate pop cap and knowledge boost; massive wonder point bonus. Unique technology: Impresario)

Industrial Era

  1. Walhalla Monument (red 2 - Raises wood commerce cap. Hunleys, Toros Submarinos and U-boats now 25% cheaper; -33% build time. Spawns Needle Gunners.) Will prevent the loss of happiness from building smelters.
  2. Arc de Triomphe (red 2 - Reduces the cost of your musket/rifle units. Gives an armour boost to nearby units. Spawns 4 Presidential Guards.)
  3. Taj Mahal (green 2 - normal bonuses. Unique technology: Orientalism - mercenaries do not cause happiness damage)
  4. Statue of Liberty (green 2 - Increases pop cap; non-naval unit upgrades free. Unique technology: Constitution)

Machine Era

  1. Kremlin (red 2 - Raises commerce cap of oil. Doubles attrition damage. National Border recieve +1 bonus per Civic Research. Spies are 50% cheaper. Spawns spies over time.)
  2. Crystal Palace (green 2 - A good wonder point boost. 25% higher commerce cap. Double tax income. Ships built 33% faster. Unique tech: Workshop of the World, with double ability)
  3. Eiffel Tower (green 2 - Increases your Oil income by 100%, allows access to telegraphy)

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