Rise of America

You will be playing as the USA. Drive the British out, and then proceed to eject all the other western powers. Each age advance grants you a new transport requisition card. But be careful: once you reach the Imperial Era, you must choose to abolish slavery, or otherwise face the wrath of the European powers. Campaign run: Colonial Era to Mechanisation Era


Play as any of the powers in India and South Asia. Rare resources and alliances produce tribute. All-Mercantile. the campaign covers India, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

  • Europeans gain tribute only from annexing areas with rare resources.
  • Asians gain tribute only from alliance or peace with European powers.
  • China, Japan, America, the Ottoman Empire and Russia are available as "colonies" which will assist or hinder your efforts.

Council of Vienna Campaign

Range: Imperial to Mechanisation.

factions available.

Continents: See here.

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