• So far, the military-industrial complex might have been finished for us. It's a matter of whether it's a factory or a research institute.
  • Mansabdar should be based on Arab architecture. I have yet to decide which building to use.
  • A Palace Complex should reflect the architecture of all factions. Or possibly - the Chinese will need to use the Korean architecture, allowing for a more "universal" appearance to the PC.
  • A presidium would be the hardest. What should it be? a large, castle-like building or a sprawling courtyard?

NOW, for teasers:


  • Italy - ballet music from Triumphal March, Aida
  • Spain - Albeniz, Iberia
  • France - either Lully or Lalande
  • Germany - Beethoven
  • Japan - a track by Kodo
  • Great Britain - Ketelbey, Holst or Elgar
  • USA - Randy Edelman's "Fife and Gun"
  • Russia - Limoges by Mussorgsky

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