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    • Iran + Asia + All factions - kepis
    • Russia, Germany - service caps with picklhaube.
    • Southeast Asian, Muslim states - sun hats
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    August 3, 2011 by VelvetClaw

    You will be playing as the USA. Drive the British out, and then proceed to eject all the other western powers. Each age advance grants you a new transport requisition card. But be careful: once you reach the Imperial Era, you must choose to abolish slavery, or otherwise face the wrath of the European powers. Campaign run: Colonial Era to Mechanisation Era

    Play as any of the powers in India and South Asia. Rare resources and alliances produce tribute. All-Mercantile. the campaign covers India, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

    • Europeans gain tribute only from annexing areas with rare resources.
    • Asians gain tribute only from alliance or peace with European powers.
    • China, Japan, America, the Ottoman Empire and Russia are available as "colonies" whic…

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    I originally didn't want to work on them. But nevertheless...

    (I think I will ignore the Colonial Era wonders as of now)

    1. Suleymani Jami (red 2 - Attrition, coastal cannon bonuses. Spawns 4 circassian cavalry.)
    2. Forbidden City (red 1 - normal bonuses. Also +2 borders. Spawns 3 royal mercenaries.
    3. Punta de' Dogana (green 1 - Raises wealth and pop cap. Unique technology: Fondaco)
    • This wonder prevents happiness loss from having built smelters.
    1. Kanei-ji (green 1 - Unique technology: Tea Ceremony. Kanei-ji speeds up the construction of farms and fishing boats.)

    1. Versailles (red 1 - Prevents loss of happiness from losing cities. Your Supply Wagons can heal your troops (and Austrian Supply Wagons heal at double normal rate. Spawns some barrage balloons)
    2. Bras…

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    Industrial Era units:

    • USA
    • Sweden
    • UK
    • France
    • Spain
    • Portugal
    • Italy
    • Mexico
    • Peru
    • Colombia
    • Netherlands


    • Germany
    • Russia
    • China
    • Korea
    • Turkey
    • Malaya
    • Vietnam
    • Bamar
    • Siam
    • Austria

    • India
    • Arabs

    I also figured that since most info about units can be deduced from their names, I won't go into giving stats for them. Instead, the only unit pages to appear here will ALL be unique units!

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    • So far, the military-industrial complex might have been finished for us. It's a matter of whether it's a factory or a research institute.
    • Mansabdar should be based on Arab architecture. I have yet to decide which building to use.
    • A Palace Complex should reflect the architecture of all factions. Or possibly - the Chinese will need to use the Korean architecture, allowing for a more "universal" appearance to the PC.
    • A presidium would be the hardest. What should it be? a large, castle-like building or a sprawling courtyard?

    NOW, for teasers:

    • Italy - ballet music from Triumphal March, Aida
    • Spain - Albeniz, Iberia
    • France - either Lully or Lalande
    • Germany - Beethoven
    • Japan - a track by Kodo
    • Great Britain - Ketelbey, Holst or Elgar
    • USA - Randy Edelman's "Fi…

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