Tribesmen - gathers resources, builds buildings and is the weakest attack unit. Can be upgraded to citizens which can be converted into peasant levy, then militia, and finally partisans.

Patriots - can build supply dumps which then upgrade into cities or forts. Patriots also confer leadership bonuses.


Tribesmen => citizens

Supply wagons (buildable from all forts and supply depots/caches)

basic infantry


Warriors => Swordsmen => Halberdiers

Bowmen => Archers

slingers => Javelin men

horseman => light horse

Drill square:

Halberdiers => musketeers => line infantry

Pikemen => line infantry

Javelin men => arquebusiers => musketeers => line infantry

Archers => arquebusiers => skirmishers => light infantry

light horse => light cavalry regimental horse => hussars


line infantry, light infantry => rifle infantry => SMGs  => minigunner

hussars => troopers


siege workshop:

catapult => mangonel => cannon

ballista => scorpion => springald => cannon

serpentine => cannon

bombard => cannon


cannon => ? => rifled gun => artillery

mortar => artillery

Munitions factory:


tanks, UAVs,

advanced units

nobles' court:

Spearmen => Hoplites => Pikemen => grenadiers => special forces

lancers => knights => cuirassiers, et al (converted to armoured cars)

horse archers => dragoons

military academy:

cuirassiers, gatlings


antitank rifles, machine guns, hand mortars

armoured cars, mech. infantry


port => dockyards => shipyard - builds fishing boat, some light vessels

naval yard - only available in large cities with industrialisation - builds your costlier and more powerful units, beginning with carracks and ending with destroyers, submarines and super battleships

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