We tested a new means of creating multiple build styles with Kings & Conquerors, and we discovered the following:

  • The build continent variable represents the 2ndary buildset
  • The backup build continent variable represents the primary buildset.

So in the case of the Ottomans, if we wanted to create a hybrid building style, the way to go about it would be to tag the following:

<Build_continent>5 Turk
<backup_build_continent>0 Med

Doing so means that if the 5 Turk buildset has no buildings, then RoN will loom at 0 Med to fill in the gaps. So if 5 Turk has only public buildings, then economic structurels and others will use the default Italianate style that we specified earlier on.

So in theory, if we wanted to create an Indo-Malay style we can have 8 Eind, followed by 2 Asian. Public buildings will thus resemble those of vanilla India but the ancient vanilla Asian buildings will also appear. Truly a marvel.