• Republican research is cheaper
  • First post-Renaissance wonder is built instantly, provided no other nation is building it also
  • Science techs are cheaper in the Renaissance, and continue to do so until the Modern Era (max)
  • Air units upgrade 25% cheaper
  • Recieve +3 Food, Timber, Metal, and Wealth for every non-Scout Barracks unit while they are not garrisoned


  • Gain resources whenever you kill enemy units
  • Can build buildings anywhere on the map as long as not within other players' spheres of influence
  • Taverns and Universities cannot be built, but library research costs Wealth: 2.5 Wealth to each 1 knowledge normally required.
  • Whenever you destroy an enemy library, you gain 1 technology in any library line, provided your opponent had researched more in that line than you.
  • Triple experience gained from battles in the Copper Age, and double from Bronze Age to Middle Ages.
  • Politics costs experience in lieu of knowledge


  • attrition damage protection
  • merchants are tougher and have enhanced line of sight
  • scavenge resources from fallen enemies


  • +food commerce cap
  • +1 additional city
  • war elephant combat bonus


  • more efficient scholars
  • units gain veterancy faster
  • units gain health from killing enemy units
  • +2 city limit
  • near-instantaneous upgrading of supply depots to villages


  • Triple experience gained from battles in the Copper Age, and double from Bronze Age to Middle Ages.
  • First senate is free
  • Gain food from lumber posts
  • Conscript units have additional hitpoints
  • Scouts spawn from your barracks, and can move through forests


  • Cheaper upgrading to cities
  • religious research 50% cheaper
  • all fort research costs are 33% cheaper, but 50% slower
  • Cheaper but weaker towers
  • Socialism research is cheaper


  • Towers are cheaper but weaker (shared with "Catholic" nations)
  • Start with 1 Commerce researched
  • Free heavy ships spawn, 1 with Early Classical, 2 with Medieval, and 3 with Enlightenment, from the Early Classical to the Late Industrial.
  • Immune to happiness effects, ie you can build tonnes and tonnes of crap and get into many wars but you will not suffer dissent. 


  • more efficient fishing boats
  • start with 1 commerce researched
  • better results from trading at markets
  • post-medieval, pre-industrial ships are faster, and have better LOS


  • Towers are cheaper but weaker
  • Gunpowder-related technologies are free
  • Buildings where cavalry and tanks can be created are built faster, stronger and cheaper
  • Free spawning generals whenever their respective building is constructed
  • Artillery are tougher, faster, stronger


  • more efficient fishing boats
  • cheaper forts
  • cities generate wealth
  • Ships consume less metal with each supply upgrade
  • infantry move faster


  • attrition damage protection
  • increased pop cap
  • whenever a nobles' court is constructed, gain free archers (lasts only as long as it does not upgrade)


  • Can build walls without requiring fort research
  • +2 city limit
  • Spawn 1 scholar with each university
  • villagers are created instantaneously
  • Authoritarian research is cheaper


  • all whale spots are visible when you start a game
  • start with 1 science
  • spawn 1 general whenever a fort is built;
  • spawn heavy infantry from barracks whenever it is built
  • Authoritarian research is faster but costlier


  • +wealth commerce cap
  • Ships have increased firing rate
  • Start with 1 Science researched
  • caravans create more wealth per trip


  • ships generate resource when not attacking or garrisoned
  • start with 1 science researched
  • merchants are faster, and also gather resources 100% faster
  • start with 1 market
  • Social research is faster but costlier


  • cheaper upgrading to cities
  • +1 commerce, +1 science
  • Architecture free, metalworking cheaper.
  • no happiness impact from university research
  • Republican research is faster but costlier


  • more efficient fishing boats
  • scavenge resources from fallen enemies
  • cheaper spies
  • can build anywhere not claimed by a hostile or neutral faction


  • +food commerce cap
  • scavenge resources from dead foes
  • granary-based research is free
  • start any game with a temple
  • experience is gained with each religious upgrade


  • scavenge resources from fallen enemies
  • free artillery units per forge built
  • artillery upgrades are cheaper
  • archery units do not increase in range per upgrade, but instead deal more damage.


  • Redcued cost for upgrading to cities
  • scavenge resources from fallen enemies
  • free archers/infantry whenever a barracks is built
  • cheap farms, but no access to agricultural technologies.

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