Rice, Banking, Agriculture, Machinery, Tools, Tea, Silk, Corn, Railroads, Telegraph services, Handicrafts

Controlled substances:

Tobacco, Pharmaceuticals, Alcohol, Guns

Black market industries:

Very lucrative, but can lower your reputation especially if discovered by others. If a rival has been appointed as Police Commissioner for any of the Governments in the vicinity, you are toast - they can launch a war on you with impunity.

Opium (req Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco), and Casinos (req Alcohol, Handicrafts, Silk, Banking)

Workers and consumables

They range from untrained peons all the way to salarymen, and then engineers and machinists. Banks, casinos, railroads and telegraph services also require others: most notably, cashiers, accountants and foremen.

The most basic unit is the peon. He doesn't need money, but his performance is determined by 3 things: rice, alcohol and tea. Low rice  = poor health and a probability of death by disease. Tea, opium and alcohol prevent worker unrest and penetration by communists, if conditions are poor. Tea is cheap and poor, but opium and alcohol are more potent, costlier but dangerous - if opium consumption is too high, workers can lower efficiency. If alcohol is too high, there can be accidents.

  • Rice, Tea, Alcohol, Opium - to keep workers alive and "happy". Either grow and mill your own, or purchase them from local merchants - if they don't like you, they may sell them for a very high price, or place an embargo on you. You can also purchase calls on them in advance.
  • tools - required to keep buildings alive. Too many accidents lowers confidence in you.
  • Guns - especially important to staff your own enforcers if you do not like sticks and swords. Other weapons such as artillery and machine guns can be purchased from arms smugglers (the higher your relations with an arms smuggler's nation the better the deal), captured from enemy forces, or awarded in some scenarios as a gift from the government.

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