American campaign involves the foundations of modern America, and on how to play Rise of Kings:

  1. Founding fathers: several crossbows, swordsmen and pikemen have landed in isolated areas in America. You only have a general and a small contingent of dragoons, and a supply dump in Jamestown. You must build 3 supply dumps, and upgrade one into a city. You play as the Americans (with no bonuses), and will be fighting rebel Indians.
  2. Manifest Destiny: Next, upgrade the supply dumps and throw off your medieval units. fight off the Iroquois, pirates and the Cherokees - the map expands further and you will also face depradations of pirates. Upgrade your fleet of carracks and galleys into modern shipping, and research Industrialisation, the Swedes and the Dutch are also revealed and you must destroy them.
  3. Wrath of Kings: Canada and Florida are revealed. You must destroy all European powers, destroyting the Iroquois and the Cherokee are not necessary, but note that the French are allied to the Huron (who are as naked as you are). Take all French and Spanish territory, and then turn on the British.
  4. Birth of a Nation: the map expands further, and now you will have to fight off British and Spanish fleets, and ensure that you win either by wiping out all other players, or by "peaceful" means - this phase of the tutorial teaches how Dominance powers can be attained and how they can be used.

CtW Political hierarchies

The following states are possible for territories and NPC factions in CtW

Vanilla RoN

  • Independent
  • Ally
  • Occupied


  • Satrap/Tributary - cannot make alliances, but pays tribute to a hegemon until it declares war on the hegemon.
  • Minor nation - no Oath of Fealty card, no armies either. Is basically meant to be used as a football, but can be allied with.
  • Trade is dependent on rare resources.

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