Province levels - can be upgrade with at least 7 levels

  • Level 1 (base) - 2 farms, 1 woodcutter's post (0)
  • Level 2 - +either 1 farm, or 1 peasant commune (20)
  • Level 3 - +either 1 outpost or 1 tower (30)
  • Level 4 - +1 farm tower (5)
  • Level 5 - + senate or barracks (100)
  • Level 6 - start with extra town (max 2) or +1 farm (200)
  • Level 7 - start with extra town (max 3), or a supply dump (500)
  • Level 8 - prestige building (1000, only possible if that prestige building wasn't built elsewhere and you have the appropriate technologies researched)

Only provinces in areas with growth potential can be upgraded, so for instance France is fully upgradeable but some parts of Switzerland, Arabia or China are not. Conquest scenarios dominate much territories but mountains, islands and deserts have different scenarios.

A Level 5 merchant can be sacrificed to create the required province levels. This is sometimes useful if you want to get rid of functionaries with poor character, or need to finance the prestige building creation without using tribute.

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