So far we've got the following:

  • Colonial u-series - retained as "Dutch", has a temple building sporting black onion domes.
  • French n-series - retained as "North European". Christchurch Cathedral.
  • Roman m-series - rtained as "Balkan" style, for Mediterranean factions and Austria.
  • Asian a-series - recast as North Asian, with elements from Korean civ. Has a very large temple complex to boot.
  • K-series - possibly recast as South Asian. Uses Tranquerah as a temple.
  • Indian e-series - possibly almagamated with Arab t-series.
  • Arab t-series - recast as "North American" style.
  • Mesoamerican s-series - retained but not for use.
  • Iroquois i-series - retained but not for use.


  • Mesoamerican - Mexico, Colombia and Peru. Uses painted ladies

This faction uses classical-era vanilla skins for its villagers until the Imperial Era, after which they change.

  • "Dutch" - Russia, Sweden, Netherlands, Uses brick designs.
  • "North European" - France, Britain, Germany. Uses brick designs.
  • "Balkan" style - Savoy, Austria. Uses Balkan styles.
  • North Asian - Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam. Uses painted ladies.
  • South Asian - Malaya, Bamar, Siam. Uses painted ladies.

This faction shares the same civilian skins as Mesoamerica until the Imperial Era, after which their civilians resemble those of North Asia.

  • Indo-Arab - India, Arabs, Turkey. Uses Balkan styles.
  • "North American" - USA
  • Iroquois i-series - retained for "barbarians" in North America

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