• Beelim

    progress blog: 27 October

    October 27, 2016 by Beelim

    We tested a new means of creating multiple build styles with Kings & Conquerors, and we discovered the following:

    • The build continent variable represents the 2ndary buildset
    • The backup build continent variable represents the primary buildset.

    So in the case of the Ottomans, if we wanted to create a hybrid building style, the way to go about it would be to tag the following:

    5 Turk 0 Med

    Doing so means that if the 5 Turk buildset has no buildings, then RoN will loom at 0 Med to fill in the gaps. So if 5 Turk has only public buildings, then economic structurels and others will use the default Italianate style that we specified earlier on.

    So in theory, if we wanted to create an Indo-Malay style we can have 8 Eind, followed by 2 Asian. Public build…

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  • Beelim

    Progress blog - Sept 16

    September 17, 2016 by Beelim

    So far,

    • Chinese units - need icons
    • Indian units - pending completion.
    • SOLAK: Done but need a new skin for Indian Grenadier Gurds
    • Manchu Booi, Huangying and Cavalry Guard are done but must be linked.
    • Afghans, Scotsmen and Ghazis need to be linked in.
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  • Beelim

    Bonus cards (Spring)

    March 11, 2014 by Beelim

    • Economic Boom
    • Great Thinker
    • Trade Embargo
    • Naval Blockade
    • Sabotage
    • Propaganda
    • Cultural Dominance
    • Eureka
    • Merchant Guild
    • Bandits (?)
    • Treachery (flips the territory outright)
    • Mercenaries
    • Political dissension
    • Transport Requisition
    • Warpath
    • Population Explosion
    • Intelligence Network
    • Spy School
    • Traitors
    • Wonder of the World

    Can be used to force a nation to attack a certain region, and counts as a free attack. You can use this ability on yourself to attack and annex a region from allies or nonbelligerents without harming your relations with them, and you may still attack another faction afterwards.

    Negates the use of any other tactical bonus cards used here - other cards simply have no effect.

    Increase your pop count.

    Supply wagons are created faster and cheaper as long as…

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    Playing cards

    January 10, 2014 by Beelim

    Province levels - can be upgrade with at least 7 levels

    • Level 1 (base) - 2 farms, 1 woodcutter's post (0)
    • Level 2 - +either 1 farm, or 1 peasant commune (20)
    • Level 3 - +either 1 outpost or 1 tower (30)
    • Level 4 - +1 farm tower (5)
    • Level 5 - + senate or barracks (100)
    • Level 6 - start with extra town (max 2) or +1 farm (200)
    • Level 7 - start with extra town (max 3), or a supply dump (500)
    • Level 8 - prestige building (1000, only possible if that prestige building wasn't built elsewhere and you have the appropriate technologies researched)

    Only provinces in areas with growth potential can be upgraded, so for instance France is fully upgradeable but some parts of Switzerland, Arabia or China are not. Conquest scenarios dominate much territories but mounta…

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  • Beelim

    Technology and dissent

    January 6, 2014 by Beelim

    How can we get Asians to have Western forces with dissent?

    A: easy - just have more tech complexity. For instance, New Model armies for China can require use of added techs to obtain, making it more imperative for factions like China to tech further while Westerners don't need to do so.

    Blood and Soil is a good tech to use, esp to promote Industrial Era units. So for China, Blood and Soil is necessary to recruit new model army units, while for Japan it is a prerequisite for its marine corps.

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