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Grand CampaignEdit

As a fledgling nation born after a war with the all-powerful British Empire, you will be potentially harassed on 2 fronts: the North American front and the South American front. It is thus necessary to avoid a war with Spain, whereso possible - in the long run however Spain and its successors in America may prove to be thorny problems.

Be wary of your diplomacy - although you are somewhat self-sufficient and self-contained given your isolation, it might not last. There is also increasing friction between pro-slavery and anti-slavery camps throughout the southern territories, namely, Texas, Florida and Mississipi. Be careful of how you handle internal issues, as they may impact on how other nations see you.

Most European factions are indifferent if not downright hostile towards you, although it is to be noted that the League of Nations is an ally with you, and Russia is open to diplomacy. The League could help you out in a variety of ways. However, it is to be noted that any attempts to infiltrate Europe via the League would be most unwelcome. There is one small area which you could deal with, and that is Ireland. The Irish clearly do not like the British well, and could prove to be an important factor in a war against the British .... on the other hand, the British and Portuguese could prove to be better allies if you are lucky to obtain them.

Influencing the whole New World is a must in your long-term strategy. Not only do you obtain an additional new army from forming continents, you also receive plenty more tribute to fuel your efforts at a strategic victory. Thus, it may be a wise idea to make vassal states of other nations, since occupying them won't delevel them instantaneously. The downside perhaps is that you won't have any rare resources to use, but given that you should be gathering enough tribute from them, you can always buy concessions from other nations, such as China, the League of Nations, and Russia....or even maybe grab a slice of Africa before the Europeans begin their work. Even so, North America's proximity to Northern Europe, Eurasia, Central America and the Caribbean as well as the northern reaches of the Pacific mean that it is worryingly open to invasion by other powers. The American player will thus be involved in a massive race to reach the Pacific and to grab as much land as possible before the other factions in the world take notice. Try to take control of California and Alaska as quickly as possible — buy California from Spain before the Mexicans claim it and while Russia may concentrate its armies in conquering the remnants of Eurasia or fighting the Turks, you should take control of Alaska quickly as soon as you can to prevent other powers from getting in.

Starting territories and diplomatic stancesEdit

Starting diplomacy

  • Alliances: League of Nations

Starting territory:

Initial bonuses: 40 tribute, 1 Transport Requisition, 1 Population Boom
Strategic Objectives:

Founding of America campaignEdit

See the main title here.

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