Rise of the Moderns

Tribe mask code BHG original

Ch 1:
Ultima Ratio

Ch 2:
Forge of Storms
Ch 3:
Children of the Emperor
Austria Dai Viet Dai Viet 100000000000000000000000 Persians
Netherlands United Kingdom United Kingdom 010000000000000000000000 Dutch
India India India 001000000000000000000000 Indians
Americans Americans Americans 000100000000000000000000 Americans
Lakota Lakota Arabs 000010000000000000000000 Lakota
Iroquois Texas Bamar 000001000000000000000000 Iroquois
Iran Iran Iran 000000100000000000000000 Mongols
Turkey Turkey Turkey 000000010000000000000000 Koreans
Poland Denmark Japan 000000001000000000000000 Japanese
China China China 000000000100000000000000 Chinese
Russians Russians Russia 000000000010000000000000 Russians
Westphalia Prussia Germans 000000000001000000000000 Germans
British Sardinia Korans 000000000000100000000000 British
Sweden Sweden Sweden 000000000000010000000000 French
Maghreb Maghreb Malays 000000000000001000000000 Spanish
France France France 000000000000000100000000 Turks
Mamelukes Naples Italy 000000000000000010000000 Egyptians
Spain Empire of Spain Spain 000000000000000001000000 Romans
Papal States Austria Austria 000000000000000000100000 Greeks
Portugal Dutch Empire Dutch 000000000000000000010000 Nubians
Denmark Portugal Portugal 000000000000000000001000 Bantu
Bavaria Bavaria Peru 000000000000000000000100 Inca
Italian States Siam Siam 000000000000000000000010 Maya
Prussia Mexico Mexico 000000000000000000000001 Aztecs

The Age of Conquest

Tribe mask code BHG original

Birth of an Empire

(Azangara's mod)

The Raj

(Peshawar Lancers mod)

Nahuatl South Afriica (Raj) 100000000000000000000000 Persians
Dutch Angrezistan 010000000000000000000000 Dutch
Bornu Devlet-e-Iran 001000000000000000000000 Indians
Americans New Britain (Raj) 000100000000000000000000 Americans
Lakota Saudi Arabia 000010000000000000000000 Lakota
Iroquois bUganda 000001000000000000000000 Iroquois
Apache Americans 000000100000000000000000 Mongols
Maghreb California 000000010000000000000000 Koreans
Haida Poland 000000001000000000000000 Japanese
Akan Hsinchunghwa 000000000100000000000000 Chinese
Russians Ethiopia 000000000010000000000000 Russians
Germans Dainippon 000000000001000000000000 Germans
England Somalia 000000000000100000000000 British
Kongo Brazil 000000000000010000000000 French
Shoshone/Comanche Gran Colombia 000000000000001000000000 Spanish
France Caliphal Syria 000000000000000100000000 Turks
Anasazi/Pueblos Egypt 000000000000000010000000 Egyptians
Spain France 000000000000000001000000 Romans
Austria Bavarian Germany 000000000000000000100000 Greeks
Portugal Kongo 000000000000000000010000 Nubians
Lenape/Delaware Argentina 000000000000000000001000 Bantu
Inca Chile 000000000000000000000100 Inca
Maya Siam 000000000000000000000010 Maya
Pirates/Malagasy Novaya Rossiya 000000000000000000000001 Aztecs

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