In gameEdit

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Transport Cutter — Vital statistics

  • Upgrade of Transport Hoy, is slightly faster and more agile.
  • Highly vulnerable to naval units.
Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed Movement
  • Imp [3]
  • Sovrain.png Militiae
  • Pecunia
18s 675 30 70 Rather slow 44
Cost Created from Armour Weapon range Specialty
Base Ramp Pop
Metal: 250;
Ol: 160
Metal: 6;
Ol: 3
2 Estaleiro 9 33 Transports units across water

Overall strategyEdit

The Transport Cutter is an upgrade of the Transport Hoy, and while she is slightly faster, her main virtue is that she is tougher than normal, making her more proficient in the transport of your armies overseas. The only problem is that she is still fairly easy enough to destroy, particularly if your foe has constructed Frigates or Steam Corvettes so you should consider keeping escort craft close by to help fend off any enemies that you see en route to dry land. Under no circumstances should you allow light attack craft, particularly Cruisers or Submarines to infiltrate your lines, for these units are highly proficient at taking out surface auxiliary craft such as this one.

Transport Cutters in turn will be upgraded to Beetles if you have researched Mechanical Propulsion from the Military-Industrial Complex.

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