Towers are a relatively inexpensive static point defence that automatically attacks enemies and protects units. Unlike many other buildings, you can build as many towers as you desire within your own borders.

All players start the game constructing a stockade during the Colonial Era. This building subsequently is automatically to a bastion in the Imperial Era. The stockade has a fire rocket attack, while the bastion has a shell attack.

While not a tower per se, a secondary defence is the Martello Tower. Martello Towers are bigger and better than normal wooden stockades, garrison more units, can garrison artillery, and are substantially more powerful than blockhouses - they have the ability to fire down on artillery, but suffer from having a minimum range and a high pricetag.

Towers can be garrisoned with troops to protect and heal them, as well as boost the building's offensive capability. Note, however, that some units cannot be garrisoned in towers: siege weapons can only be placed in cities and Martello towers, while tanks, tankettes and armoured cars cannot garrison buildings and can only be healed in certain situations. Equally, neither the bastion nor Martello tower is capable of targeting air units.


  • House: Basic defence structure. Can't be upgraded but is cheap enough to erect everywhere.
  • Tavern/Resthouse/Khan: Conducts research for Attrition.Recruits your spies and possibly other units too. Mercenaries, I wager.
  • Stocakde and Martello Tower - a cheap but powerful cannon-based defence that can be garrisoned but must be built within your borders, armed with light cannon. Last upgrade requires Trace Italienne.
  • Blockhouse and Bastion, like the house, but can't be garrisoned, these buildings function primarily as light point defences that can be constructed outside your territory. This pairing requires the Attrition line.





Special remarks


  • Basic point defence.
  • Can be garrisoned.
  • Base:
    Food: 6
    Holz: 30
  • Ramp:
    Food: 1
  • Attack: 6, Armour 3,
  • 500HP
  • No min range.



(all except  Port sm  Oranje sm)

  • Does not attack, but has substantial LOS
  • Can detect hidden units.
  • Base:
    Holz: 120;
    Ore: 120
  • Ramp:
    Holz: 25
  • Upgrades to Anti-Aircraft Array once Aerial Warfare is researched.


Stockade acn

  • Substantially stronger than House, but can't be garrisoned.
  • Base:
    Holz: 120;
    Ore: 30
  • Ramp:
    Food: 10
Feudals Militiae
  • Attack: 10, Armour 4
  • 1,500HP
  • +1 Min range
  • Upgrades to Bastion



  • Base:
    Holz: 150;
    Ore: 50
  • Ramp:
    Food: 30
  • Sovrain.png Militiae
  • Tax2 Attritio
  • Attack: 12, Armour 5
  • 1,750HP
  • +2 Min range



  • Basic point defence.
  • Can be garrisoned.
  • Base:
    Ore: 50;
    Reichtum: 30
  • Ramp:
    Ore: 10;
  • Com1 [2]
  • Mercs Militiae
  • Attack: 15, Armour 7
  • 2,500HP
  • +2 Min range
  • Upgrades to Cannon Tower

Cannon Tower


  • Upgrade of Stockade , armed with light cannon for taking out ships, but has a very high min range..
  • Can be garrisoned.
  • Base:
    Ore: 80;
    Reichtum: 60
  • Ramp:
    Ore: 10;
  • Standingarmy Militiae
  • StarfortCastrum
  • Attack: 18, Armour 9,
  • 2.800HP
  • +2 Min range



(Port sm • Oranje sm)

  • Replaces Stockade, Cannon Tower, Observation Post, and can be garrisoned.
  • Generates happiness from the presence of Horses, Wool and Bison.
  • Extensive line of sight; is capable of detecting hidden units.
  • Lastly, kraals are more expensive - although they initially cost the same as a blockhouse or bastion, they have an exorbitant food cost.
  • Can't evolve to Anti-Aircraft Array
  • Base:
    Holz: 150;
    Reichtum: 100
  • Ramp:
  • Attack: 13, Armour 6
  • 1,100HP
  • No min range


In the long run, Towers and Castles are ultimately useles, particularly against artillery and ships.