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The Iroquois have the Power of the Forest.

National bonusesEdit

Starting government: ????

  • Paths seldom trod: Get one free Scout unit with each New Barracks built. Scouts get free upgrades and can move through forests
  • Hunter-gatherers: Woodcutters also gather +2 Food each
  • Ambush tactics: All units heal when not moving or attacking in friendly territory. Military units in friendly territory are hidden when not attacking
  • Warrior Societies: Barracks units +10% hit points.
  • Tribal Confederacy: First Civic Assembly build is free and builds instantly


  • [1] Greek Stradiot
  • [1] Privateer - upgradeable to Garde Écossaise [2], with Liberalism
  • [2] Hessian cavalry
  • [3] Sepoys - upgradeable to Presidential Guard [4], with Democracy
  • [3] Black Watch - upgrade of Garde écossaise, with Absolutism
  • [4] Mercenary Sowar
  • [5] Gurkha Rifles
  • [5] Tankette
  • [5] Gordon's Highlanders - upgrade of Black Watch, with New Course


  • Academy - trains your elite units
  • nits
  • Cathedral - performs taxation and religion research, and is the main stopping point for your auxiliary units as well as chaplains, which have mediocre attack, but super defensive and defence-boosting skills

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