Faction Overview Strategic Overview Tech Tree

Unique unitsEdit

  • Gendarmerie [1] => Garde du Corps [2] heavy cavalry with better armour and attack
  • Horse Musketeers [1] => Chasseurs [2] => Voltigeurs [3] skirmisher units which are fleet on foot, this line is lost to the Poilus.
  • Maison du Roi Grenadiers [1-2] => Vieille-Garde Grenadiers [3-4] (these men are fast marchers)
  • Lafayette's Dragoons [2] => Chasseurs à Cheval [3] greater range than normal dragoons
  • de Vallière cannon [2] => Gribevaul cannon [3]
  • Armed supply
  • Galiote à Bombe [1], a Colonial-Era siege ship, precursor to the bomb ketch
  • Missionary [3] an agent unit recruitable from a Presidium
  • Partisans [3-5] stonger and faster than normal militia, and also cloaked

Special buildingsEdit

  • Presidium (monument; Functions as a Terracotta Army / combined with barracks?) - should look like either our Presidium or our Tower of London monument.
    • This building hosts the following upgrades: Ballistics
  • National Bank (monument; replaces supercollider)
  • Versailles (wonder)

Unique technologies DenkmalEdit


"A city cannot thrive without fields and the fruits thereof pouring into its walls." — Alexander the Great

  • Food output increased to max
  • Successful completion of agricultural and medical technologies boost your happiness by 20 each (a total of 100 happiness is possible).
Base cost Requirements
  • 300Book
  • Time to complete: Long
  • Burro Civitas
  • Customs Reichtum

NB: In Age of Conquest, this technology is available only from Versailles, making France a major producer of food.

Great Exhibition
Sm summer01

"I set no value on objects strange or ingenious, and have no use for your country's manufactures." — Emperor Qianlong, letter to George III of England

  • Tax production is increased to maximum level
  • The effect of entertainment buildings on happiness is increased
Base cost Requirements
  • 450Book, 200Reichtum
  • Time to complete: Rather long
  • Com2 Pecunia
  • Laststand Book
  • Tax2 Attritio

NB: In Age of Conquest, this technology is available only from Versailles, making France a major taxation expert.

Epic Engineering

"[Man] duplicates himself not only, as in consciousness, intellectually, but also in reality, and therefore he sees himself in a world that he has created." — Karl Marx, Estranged Labour

  • Maximum speed for building construction
  • Added hitpoints for your buildings
  • Double happiness generated from construction of capital ships
  • Allows happiness to be generated from the construction of modern armour and artillery.
Base cost Requirements
  • 750Book, 300Ore
  • Time to complete: Very long
  • Prism Scientia
  • Paper Book

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