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Faction Overview Strategic Overview Tech Tree

The Cherokee have the Power of the Horde

National bonusesEdit

Starting government: Free

  • White Man's Ways: Receive 1 free ranged cavalry unit whenever you build a Chieftain's Hold
  • Glorious Charge: Cavalry created 10% cheaper and 20% faster.
  • Agrarian Society: Receive +1 Food for each 1% of world landmass controlled (times half the number of nations).
  • Survivalists: Receive Forage/Supply/Logistics research free.


  • [1] Greek Stradiot
  • [1] Privateer - upgradeable to Garde Écossaise [2], with Liberalism
  • [2] Hessian cavalry
  • [3] Sepoys - upgradeable to Presidential Guard [4], with Democracy
  • [3] Black Watch - upgrade of Garde écossaise, with Absolutism
  • [4] Mercenary Sowar
  • [5] Gurkha Rifles
  • [5] Tankette
  • [5] Gordon's Highlanders - upgrade of Black Watch, with New Course



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