"Ever since the dawn of time, the peoples of Asia, America and Africa had always dutifully followed a way of life which they believed which was willed by their gods: kings ruled the land, peasants tilled it and warriors killed and were killed for it.
But now, new forces are now at work on the planet. From out of the hills of Afghanistan and in ships across the mists of distant seas, strange peoples have emerged, bringing with them their ways of money, steel, flame and machinery.
People with a destiny to shape.
People seeking a world to conquer.
And who is to say that the old gods may yet stop them?
Witness the rise of a new world.

Intro musicEdit

Rise of the Moderns: Hungry Caterpillar

Age of Conquest:

Models list from Rise of KingsEdit

  • All Turkish units
  • Muslim Dark Age bowman
  • Pike levy and halberdiers
  • Landsknechts
  • Portuguese warships
  • Lanternas
  • Culverin model
  • Arbaletiers
  • Spanish gun, sword and pike tercios

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