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Unique unitsEdit

  • White elephants => Royal elephants => these are normally stronger than normal elephant units
  • Armed supply, caravans and merchants
  • Ribaud [?] fires a volley of rockets at the foe!
  • Ayuthia Guard [1] => Thonburi guard [2] Heavy infantry, consumed by Mahardlek Laikar
  • Javelins [1] => Heavy javelins [2]
  • canoes, outriggers and barges.
  • Royal Elephant Brigade (additional upgrade of White Elephant line in [4]), available only with Divine Mandate researched. This guy is armed with a small gatling cannon.
  • Mahardlek Laikar [3] => Siamese Royal Guard [4], musket unit that replaces the Thonburi guard. Requires the Foreign Concessions upgrade.
  • Pack elephants


Unique buildingsEdit

  • Nobles' Court - trains your elite units, such as white elephants, and the Ayuthia Guard.
  • Temple - performs taxation and religion research, and is the main stopping point for your auxiliary units.
  • Palace Complex (available from [1])