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Siam have the Power of Order.

National bonusesEdit

Starting government: Sovereignty

  • Nation in Arms: Cities, Towers, Forts, etc. fire extra arrow/bullet-including Cities without garrisons.
  • Cosmic Order: Buildings 20% tougher and all non-Wonders are 20% faster to build.
  • Masters of Teak: Buildings cost 20% less Timber (except Wonders and military buildings).


  • Naresuan
  • Narai
  • Taksin
  • Buddha Yodfa Chulaloke
  • Mongkut
  • Chulalongkorn
  • Phetracha


Ayutthaya; Thonburi; Krung Thep; Nonthaburi; Pak Kret; Hat Yai; Nakhon Ratchasima; Chiang Mai; Udon Thani; Surat Thani; Khon Kaen; Nakhon Si Thammarat; Nakhon Sawan; Ubon Ratchathani; Nakhon Pathom; Phitsanulok; Phuket; Songkhla; Laem Chabang; Chiang Rai; Yala; Trang; Lampang; Rayong; Samut Prakan; Samut Sakhon; Om Noi; Mae Sot; Alor Setar; Kota Bharu; Kangar; Jeli


Founded along the Chao Phraya river, the small kingdom of Siam first in present-day northern Thailand as the medieval kingdom of Ayutthaya. Although it originally had a rocky start and was destroyed in a war with Burma, the remnants of the Ayutthaya kingdom managed to rally together as a single nation once more under the Chakri dynasty. With luck and a succession of strong kings, Siam managed not only to survive, but eventually become a regional power by the early 19th century, and was the only nation throughout Southeast Asia to maintain its independence in the face of foreign domination.

The Kingdom of AyutthayaEdit

Under Thaksin: A Nation RebornEdit