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  • Superb food production to create larger armies
  • Wonders are cheaper - you do not need to build supplementary cities for every second wonder constructed.
  • Cheap skirmishers


  • Mediocre early-era army
  • Lack of good mid- to late-game cavalry

As inheritors of the Italian Renaissance, the Savoyards have a few cultural and economic powers that reflect well this golden heritage. The ability to build 2 wonders per city, as opposed to just 1 will allow Italy a lead in a wonder race, while the extra food and wealth generated from agriculture will provide for an excellent platform to support the creation of a strong and variegated army.

Military-wise, however, Savoy is fairly weak in the early game, having only a heavy cavalry unit accompanied with skirmishers for unique units. The only thing that distinguishes Savoy from other factions is that it is the only faction to continue sporting skirmishers well after the Imperial Era, with its cheaper archers and bersaglieri continuing to equip the Italian army with long-range sniping fire. Things only look better during the Mechanisation Era, when Savoy is capable of getting out an armoured car, without needing to do research from a military-industrial complex, but there is always the possibility that an Savoy player will be facing off against tanks and powerful guns. Savoy's heavier components consist of condottieri and arditi infantry, who have the special distinction of having better attack at the cost of less armour, making them capable of mowing down infantry, but being weak if facing armoured units and structures.

Potentially dangerous adversaries can be found in factions such as the USA, with its capable infantry and cavalry, or the Russians, who with their supplies of oil can create the war machines that would outmatch Savoy's armoured cars. Germany is also dangerous, with its stosstruppen capable of taking apart even the mechanised units of the early 20th century - although many may meet their end in the crosshairs of an Italian marksman.

Thus, a wise player would need to find a means of getting better allies to fight on their behalf, or to curb the expansion of other factions capable of outbooming Savoy in the Mechanisation Era. Italian archers and skirmishers will ensure that the enemy's heavier infantrymen and other infantry can be kept at bay if not cut down, until heavier units such as cavalry and artillery can then be used to clean up the rest of your opponent's armies.

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