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Welcome to Rise of the Moderns Wiki!

What is Rise of the Moderns?

Rise of the Moderns is a projected series of RTS mods and games, intended to replicate the rise of the Early Modern Period until the Interbellum, which use a common tech tree called the "Rise of the Moderns" tech system.

Currently we have the following projects envisioned:

Our BHG-based Mods

Rise of the Moderns

The Age of Conquest

Rise of the Moderns is being developed in several "chapters", each one a stand-alone mod by itself.

As many as 4 chapters are envisioned for this project.

  • Chapter 1: Ultima Ratio
  • Chapter 2: Children of the Emperor
  • Chapter 3: From Sunrise to Sunset
  • Chapter 4: Revolutions
The Age of Conquest is a mod that covers the colonisation of the Americas.

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