The pinnacle of any Nation is the creation of a monument so great, so magnificent and awe-inspiring that it can truly be considered a Wonder of the world.

In Rise of Nations, these monuments are no less amazing than their real-life counterparts. As you can see from the bonuses listed below, wonders provide your Nation with a great many bonuses and are well worth the investment. You will also notice that each wonder has an associated point value. This value is used for scoring when attempting to achieve a Wonder victory — in certain games, you will win as long as you or your coalition maintain a wonder point lead over other factions for a certain period of time.

Politics and wondersEdit

There are twelve wonders in Rise of the Moderns, spanning five eras. Three of them are free to be built by all factions, but the remaining nine are divided into "red" (militaristic) and "green" (civic) wonders, named after the type of governments required to research them: all told there are five red and four green.

The red ones are easier to obtain and spawn military units but are deficient in wonder points, whilst the green ones while costlier grant access to more technologies and also provide a higher wonder point boost, ant the cost of more restricted access — only in the late game are you able to obtain them.

Militaristic wondersEdit

These wonders spawn units, and grant bonuses that improve your factions' military. Early ones require Sovereign Rights, while later ones will require Sovereign Rights. Although these wonders normally spawn auxiliary units that you would have otherwise recruited from your Religious Centre, they also spawn other useful units, such as artillery.



Resource cost and wonder point contribution


Special remarks

El Escorial

Oda vatican
  • Holz gather rate increased by 50%
  • Commerce Limit on Holz increased by 100
  • House of Worship effects increased by 50%
  • Reichtum: 200
  • 1 Denkmal
  • Wololo
  • Spawns 5 Colonial Dragoons and 3 Missionaries

Lal Qila

  • Massive Fortification with long range, many Hit Points, extra garrison value, and increased border push.
  • Can be built wherever a Castle can; does not count against a City's Wonder Limit (1 wonder per city).
  • While construction, will not revealed to the enemy until it is complete.
  • Receive Fortification upgrades for free and all Castles, Fortresses and Citadels gain 33% more hitpoints.
  • Units garrisoned at any Fort Heal at +500% the normal rate.
  • Holz: 700
    Ore: 400
  • 2 Denkmal
  • Spookyraven.png Saycheese rpg 1


  • National borders increased by 3
  • Attrition to enemy units increased by 50%
  • Fortifications are 20% cheaper
  • Food: 400
    Book: 400
  • 3 Denkmal
  • Spookyraven.png Saycheese rpg 1

Brass Elephant

Elephant bastille
  • Reduces non-Book costs of research by 50%.
  • Supply Wagons can heal your troops
  • Siege, Artillery, and Supply units move 25% faster.
  • Ore: 1,500
    Reichtum: 800
  • 4 Denkmal
  • Spookyraven.png Saycheese rpg 1

Arc de Triomphe

  • Increases Ore gather rate by 50%
  • Raises your Commerce Limit for Ore by 100.
  • Cost of Barracks, Stable, and Dock units reduced by 25%
  • Holz: 800
    Ore: 700
  • 5 Denkmal
  • Hobbes Saycheese rpg 1
  • Spawns 10 Regimental Zouaves
  • Allows use of an additional army instead of spawning units in the Grand Campaign.

Lepizig Monument

Free foot unit every 30 seconds (Plus 1/2 second for every Infantry unit the player controls)
  • Reichtum: 500
    Food: 1,000
  • 6 Denkmal
  • Estatesduroi Saycheese rpg 1

Civic wondersEdit

Civic wonders grant economic bonuses, and also host a special technology that improve your faction's powers. Early ones require Liberalism, while later ones require Democracy.



Resource cost and wonder point contribution


Special remarks

Taj Mahal


  • City limit +1
  • Cities cheaper by 33%
  • Ore: 160
  • 2 Denkmal
  • Commodus Civitas
  • Special Bonus for India, Persia: Spawn 1 Missionary whenever you build a new Sanctuary.

National Institute of Science

Oda resctr
  • +50 Book production rate
  • -66% Granary, Foundry and Sawmill production upgrade cost
  • Holz: 200
  • Reichtum: 160
  • 2 Denkmal
  • Sm nostg09 Scientia
  • Grants access to Conuc Denkmal
  • Special bonus for Austria, France and Netherlands: Spawn 1 Scholar whenever you build a new University.



  • Increases all your building hit points by 50%
  • Reichtum income increased by 66%
  • Raises Commerce Limit for Reichtum by +200
  • Food: 300
  • Book: 400
  • 5 Denkmal
  • Colossus Saycheese rpg 1
  • Grants access to Con2 Denkmal
  • Special bonus for China, Korea and Vietnam: Rest Houses spawn 10 Angry Mobs whenever destroyed.

Statue of Liberty

  • Reveals the entire map
  • Reichtum: 500
    Food: 600
  • 6 Denkmal
  • Voting Saycheese rpg 1
  • Grants access to Manif Denkmal
  • Special bonus for USA: Spawns an Armed Merchant per settlement built. If you have researched Manifest Destiny, spawn two instead.

Crystal Palace

  • Porcelain Tower
  • Reichtum: 400
    Book: 700
  • 7 Denkmal
  • Breastfeed Saycheese rpg 1
  • Grants access to Sm summer01 Denkmal
  • Special bonus for British, Japan, and Prussia: As long as you have the highest Happiness level in the game, each new Dock built spawns one Heavy Warship.

Tour d' Eiffel

  • Statue of Liberty, +12 happiness for warships constructed
  • Ore: 600
    Book: 1,200
  • 9 Denkmal
  • Breastfeed Saycheese rpg 1
  • Grants access to Engie Denkmal
  • Special bonus for Japan and France: Gain Happiness for each National Project built in the game, regardless of who controls them.

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