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The world is divided into 15 regions, being:

  • China — Consisting of a single contiguous region cut off from the rest of the world by inhospitable terrain, China managed to develop its own culture and solidify as a single nation almost as large and populous as the Roman empire of yore. China is still a somewhat backward country no thanks to the conservative policies of the Qing rulers which have bordered on xenophobia.
  • Far East — This sparsely populated region, shorn of resources as it may be, brokers a strategic role as a gateway between Asia, Europe and America by way of the Bering Sea that separates Kamchatka from Alaska.
  • Southern Asia — This region covers the Indian subccontinent, as well as the so-called "Indianised" kingdoms of south-eastern Asia. Rich in resources and located at the strategic south-easternmost tip of the Old World, Southern Asia however is politically restive, due to the many conflicts now taking place between the four major powers of this region — India, Siam, Burma and Vietnam.
  • Eurasia —The heartland of many empires, Eurasia is nevertheless a region of scarce resources. The main draw of this place is its location between Central Europe and Asia.
  • Western Asia — The region of Western Asia covers the Middle East, and is probably one of the most strategically important locations of the Old World.
  • Mediterranean — Long considered to be the cradle of Western civilisation, the Mediterranean however is dwindling in importance and will be doing so with all economic significance having departed from the Silk Road to the maritime routes to Africa and America. Nevertheless, the interconnectedness of the Mediterranean's islands guarantees its resurgence as a vital gateway to Europe should the Western imperial powers set their gaze upon Africa and Asia.
  • Central Europe — The vast expanses and immense population density of Central Europe make it a lynchpin of European empires.
  • Northern Europe — Pinched between the Arctic Circle and the more prosperous and fertile southern reaches of the European continent, Northern Europe is a land of extremes in both natural resources, hazards and demographic growth.
  • Western Europe — Heavily industrialised and densely populated, Western Europe has the most tumultous histories and the most powerful armies on the face of the earth to date, due to it being dominated by several powers which have fought long and destructive wars against one another for almost two millenia.
  • North Africa — Desolate and arid, North Africa would be neglected but for the fact that it controls access between Western Europe and the rest of the African continent.
  • Southern Africa — Still isolated and relatively underpopulated, Southern Africa is a prize waiting for the most intrepid of explorers and soldiers.
  • Sahelia — After the deathly emptiness of Northern Africa, the Sahelia is a blend of welcome green forests and baking grasslands, for it is here that the desert meets the rainforest.
  • North America — Despite European habitation to the east and south for decades, North America is still not completely civilised, yet the many rare resources in the region mean that it is one of the richest regions in the whole world.
  • Latin America — This is a land which dreams and legends are made of. Harsh mountainscapes exist cheek-to-jowl with sweltering jungles, all intersected by the great Amazon river to the north and the Pampas of the south.
  • Central America and Caribbean — Despite untold wealth and dazzling natural beauty, Spain's unfulfilled dreams of colonial greatness have left Central America and the Caribbean devastated and destitute following a destructive war which saw its grip on Latin America loosened once and for all.
  • Australasia — Wide and hitherto unexplored, Australasia however has been known for the quality of its fishing and whales, made convenient by the many atolls in the region here.

How are tribute bonuses calculated?

They are calculated based on three things: supply centres, total tribute, and territorial size.

  • Territorial size varies and is more of convenience than reality
  • Supply centres vary and are based on the number of ports and manpower factors available
  • Tribute is assigned to reflect geopolitcal dynamics so although China is territorially smaller than Europe it has a high tribute score attached to it.

The unification bonuses are then assigned based on the size of a continent's geopolitical factor, which is supply times times territory size. Unlike Rise of Kings, rare resources are more important and are treated as being worth 100 tribute each. as such:

Strategic resources (and where to find them)

Value Locations Strategic
Value Locations
Th 761099419 athena1s18 123 100lo 33 Alps; Suquía; Texas 2009-11-16-05-09 8 Bizkaia; Crimea; Ecuador; Hainan; Karelia; Karnattaka; Newfoundland; Merina; Te Ika-a-Māui; West Irian; Yellow Sea Coast
Coffeum 50 Guatemala; Myanmar; Paraná Th 761106737 athena1s64 123 255lo 14 Azores; Dvina Lowlands; GreenlandMalvinas; North Sakhalin; Marianas; New Hebrides; Svalbard; Wales
Th 938653731 athena3s44 123 373lo 25 Central England; Manchuria; New England; Poland; South Sakhalin Aureum 100 California; Cape Province; Siberia; Victoria; Yakutia
02883 101667 09b 123 523lo 100 Pacific Northwest Collapse 40b 100 Great Plains
Next-right 33

Chekiang; Florida; Granada

Th 618892724 athena5s07 123 660lo 33 Great Lakes; Kamchatka; Norway
Th 761119959 athena1s47 123 761lo 33 Maharashtra; Mississipi; Sudan; Tahiti Th 938657261 athena3s47 123 131lo 100 Alaska
Pigmentum 50 Belize; Thars; Gypsum 25 Bavaria; Carmania; Extremadura; Sindh; Urals
Th 791179886 temp231 123 114lo 100 Ceylon; Myanmar Th 938662711 athena3s54 123 484lo 33 Cambodia; Crete; Patagonia; Kansu; Upper Egypt
Navbit-home 100 Benin and Dahomey; Congo; Kedah; Upper Amazon Th 938664992 athena3s58 123 25lo 33 El Djouf; Punjab; Tibet
Reputation balance 16 Brunei; Konkan; Johor; Sulawesi; Sumatra; Suriname; West Guinea Th 957530321 temp941 123 30lo 50 Afghanistan; Epirus; Ladakh; Van Basin
03184 101667 04b 123 550lo 33 Hispaniola; Ivory Coast; Kwangtung Vinum 33 Kiangsu; Lombardy; Szechwan
Th 957536466 temp771 123 359lo 33 Mozambique; Panama; Taiwan; 6 100 Central Italy;

 Hadhramawt; Zagros

Th 222767874 temp1515 123 93lo 25 Marmara Coast; Morea; Portugal Th 958681884 isobel5s046 123 29lo 25 Hokkaido; Iceland; Kurils; Naples and Sicily
Th 133284699 temp1066 123 597lo 33

Colombia; Hawai'i; KenyaOromia; Recife

2009-10-07-07-0 20 Rio Grande; Shikoku; Venezuela; Yukon; Yunnan; Zambia
Th 958673824 isobel5s076 123 367lo 33 Bermuda; Jamaica Search 33 Bulgaristan; Cuba; Mindanao
Th 957539589 temp961 123 69lo 20 Alsace-Lorraine; Angola; Nordland; Western Australia Frumentus 25 Central China; Don Basin; Paris-sur-Seine; Rhodesia
Th 133287341 temp1225 123 987lo 50 Horn of Africa;


Th 840269972 athena2s61 123 558lo 50 Languedoc; Persia; Piemont
Th 877306241 temp654 123 834lo 33 Bashkiria; Krasnoyarsk; Nunavut Th 957528974 temp711 123 999lo 50 Mongolia; Ukraine
Musa 100 Pomerania First-right 100 Bechuanaland
Lead 50 Saxony Papyrum 100 Shatt el Arab
Th 133281441 temp994 123 463lo 50 Mexico; Southern Andes Th 791172221 temp283 123 47lo 33 Delhi; Guyana; Kalimantan
Th 877304686 temp633 123 235lo 100 Bothnia Last-right 100 Bohemia


Lead assumes the bonuses of Obsidian .