Rise of Napoleon was a mod released by Ray Tang, aka "OneDeadAngel" on Rise of Nations Heaven in mid-2005, and consisted of a single-age, 24-faction mod revolving around the Napoleonic Wars. Since then, it has proven to be one of the most popular mods around for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots.

Ron banner oda napoleon


  • New cutting edge units with fairly detailed skins.
  • New building system whereby a player has a greater variety of defensive structures to choose from.
  • Resource tweaks that introduce new playable rare resources, whilst boosting the income rates of existing resources and certain buildings.
  • Political alignment. Some units are available only with the correct government.

In 2015, it was decided by a series of modders to be updated and improved. The plan for this will be called Ultima Ratio and will include the following:

  • Fixing the building system - various bugs impede research and prevent units that were originally meant to be trained from being recruited by human players
  • More realistic research tree - the Rise of the Moderns tech tree complete with revamped technologies, is being implemented for this game.
  • Entertainment districts - pubs and public buildings - will have new graphics associated with them. The Public Building will be given the very Malaysian name of "Rest House", since this better describes the function of such buildings beyond Europe.
  • Unit makeovers. The Danish kanonchalup, Rocket artillery, Barbary corsairs and the ship of the line will be getting makeovers.
  • More units: the selection of naval units shall be expanded.
  • New faction: Bavaria. The Bavarian faction would , presumably, take over the Moroccan faction's original powers, which in turn would take over those of Canada.

Much later in 2016, it was decided to drop the Confederacy of the Rhine, with Sweden taking over its former abilities, and Poland obtaining its old power, ceding the Power of Persistence to Persia.


  • Rise of the Moderns tech tree
  • Major overhaul for naval forces - costlier, bigger, deadlier
  • More units for non-Europeans - bowmen, spearmen, swordsmen
  • New siege units: Flying Artillery and Rocket Artillery Squad
  • More politically correcthistorically accurate non-European factions
    • Lakota: loses the Buffalo Braves, but gets Spearmen who are shared with many non-European factions.
    • China: no more: Manchu Palace Guard, instead there are Imperial Halberdiers, Green Banner Musketeers, Manchu Musketeers as well as Tiger Men
    • India: army is reformed to resemble that of Mysore's
    • Turkey: Graphics overhaul for Janissaries, introduction of Nizam e Cedit cavalry and infantry.
    • Egypt, Maghreb - different set of bonuses for Maghreb
    • Canada is removed, replaced by Bavaria
  • Pikemen re-introduced for USA and Sweden

Former factions (Rise of Napoleon 1.0)

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