In gameEdit

Vital statsEdit

Republican Guard

Basic-level gunpowder infantryman, used by most factions.

  • Strong versus infantry.
  • Weak versus cavalry, buildings, siege weapons.
Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed Movement
  • Com1 [2]
  • Colossus Saycheese rpg 1
176 4 21 3.4s
Cost Created from Armour Weapon range Specialty
Base Ramp Pop
Ore: 80;
Reichtum: 70
Ore: 2;
Reichtum: 2


3 1–10
  • Attack penalty versus heavy cavalry, buildings.
  • Poor turn speed.

Overall strategyEdit

Democracy always builds the largest and most enthusiastic of all armies, for all people in the world love their freedoms and most are willing to fight and die than be deprived of them or even their lives. Thus, the Republican Guard has one purpose: and that is to preserve freedom against the enemies of the people, wherever they may be.

Unlike normal Musketeers, the Republican Guard differ with several respects. The first is that they tend to trade their hitpoints for armour, and the others being that they are faster marchers, but like many auxiliary units they train quickly but at a very high cost in resources. Thus, while they create an attractively priced and decent "auxiliary" unit meant for the defence of the realm, they however are easily cut down by cavalry and artillery.

Unit summaryEdit


First introduced in the 16th century, the Musket was in effect a longer version of the arquebus. Although this meant that it was somewhat heavier, the longer barrel of the musket meant that it could fire projectiles with higher velocity and range, giving it the ability to penetrate armour in a direct hit, thus making the musket an armour-piercing weapon effectively leading to the disbanding of traditional cavalry units (although some cavalry units would retain heavy armour for defensive counter-cavalry work).

The elongated barrel also meant that the musket also became a sturdier weapon, capable of having a small dagger or bayonet attached to the muzzle, allowing it to function as an effective melee weapon to fend off cavalry attacks. Of course, however, fixing bayonets would still take a long time as would reloading the weapon after fire, so musketeers still had to rely on the use of swords and pikes until the Napoleonic Wars.

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