In gameEdit

Lighttank tap icon
Tankette — Vital statistics

Landship template
  • Basic-level gunpowder infantryman, used by most factions.
Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed Movement
  • Steelw2 Militaerwissenschaft
  • Con3 Militaerwissenschaft
18s 675 30 70 Rather slow 44
Cost Created from Armour Weapon range Specialty
Base Ramp Pop
Metal: 250;
Ol: 160
Metal: 6;
Ol: 3
2 Drill Square 9 33
  • Defensive bonus versus small-arms fire, ie rifles, towers, machine guns
Metal: 250;
Ol: 160

Overall strategyEdit

While slow and rather weak, the Tankette ideal for use against rifle-based units and soakng up machine gun fire, functioning as a support vehicle for assisting your cheaper but weaker infantr. They exemplify your command of knowledge, requiring almost every upgrade to be researched in order to be fielded, but it is well worth it, for they are  endowed with a powerful gun and plenty of armour and hitpoints.

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