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East Indies campaignEdit

Portugal is a non-playable faction with substantial assets around, and is considered an ally as Spain. When they are reduced to 2 territories, they will immediately offer vassalship of their territories to the British.

Although the Portuguese are considered to be a very strong faction, the fractured nature of their lands means that they are often at the mercy of one or other powers. Like the Spanish they are religiously inclined but have poorer relations with non-European factions, so it is dubious how soon they will survive.

Starting territories and diplomatic stancesEdit

Starting diplomacy :

Starting territory:

Initial resources:

  • 100 tribute

Grand CampaignEdit

The Portuguese Empire of the Grand Campaign is depicted as having its capital located in Brazil following the end of the Napoleonic Wars and the need for postwar recovery of Portugal. Much later, however, Portugal is expected to break up, with Brazil becoming independent, and the rest of Portugal's empire joining the League of Nations. The trigger for this is if Rio de Janeiro becomes a Level 5 territory.

Much later, however, the Portuguese will be involved in a civil war in which you can intervene in which can be used to influence the League's attitudes towards you.

Starting territories and diplomacyEdit

Starting territory

Initial bonuses:

  • 1 Timber Boom card; 1 Civics Eureka card.

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