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Overall strategyEdit

The oddest of the lot, the Pojama-class galley frigate is in effect a very Swedish cross between the Frigate and the Galley that packs side guns like a Brigantine instead of the usual high-calibre chase guns deployed by the Galley. Yet, that is where the comparisons end. With regards to its performance, the Pojama is a cheap, fast-building unit with one mission: to keep Sweden's coasts safe from coastal raiding craft, and as such it has a vicious attack bonus versus galley-type vessels and medium warships, from humble Galleys all the way to Galleasses and even Dutch Fluyts. Even Frigates are not safe should they encounter a fleet of Pojamen, for they are highly efficient at repelling this sort of unit.

Thus, in order to counter a Pojama fleet, the only way forward is to amass larger warships. True heavy frigate-class warships, most notably the Constitution, are very effective. A more costly but also brutally efficient means is to also utilise the heavier-hitting guns of artillery, coastal defences or super-heavy ships such as the Ship of the Line to best Pojamen in combat. All told, the Pojama is a very effective unit in the early stages of conflict; use these ships to counter sneak attacks targetting shipping until you can bring in Heavy Frigates or better.

Unit summaryEdit


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