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Unique UnitsEdit

  • Hidalgos [2] - horse-riding local gentry armed with spears. Not exactly the best cav unit.
  • Quechua auxiliaries [1-2] A heavy infantry clubman, based off the Inti Clubmen.
  • Libertador Cavalry Regiment [3] a heavy cavalry unit that is cheaper to create than most, but has less armour.
  • Conscript slingers [1] => Conscript javelineers [2] => Fusiliers [3] => Colorados [4] A weak but cheap missile unit, meant to be used together with the Quechua auxiliaries.
  • Toro Submarino


  • [1] Merchant cavalry
  • [1] Tribal Warriors
  • [2] Native horse
  • [3] Jazda
  • [3] Irish Brigade - upgrades to Presidential Guard
  • [4] Confederados
  • [5] Gauchos
  • [5] Tankette

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