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Unique unitsEdit

  • Demi-lancers [1] => cuirassiers[2-3] => Troopers [4] (meant to weaken the Dutch army)
  • Ruyters [1] Nassau ruyters [2] => Royal marshals [3] horse with ranged attack, and amphibious qualities.
  • Geuzen raiders [1] => Blauwe Garde [2-3] => Mariniers [4] heavy infantry with amphibious qualities and greater resistance to cavalry units.
  • Armed merchants
  • Yacht [1] => Indiamen [2] => Dutch clipper [3] = faster and stronger light ship. Indiamen and clippers can also protect units from attrition
  • Fluyt [1-2] faster moving merchant ship.
  • Ironclad [4] fast-firing and faster-moving, but weaker-hitting bombardment ship


  • [1] Renegade knight
  • [1] Landsknecht
  • [2] Stuart exile
  • [2] Garde Écossaise
  • [3] Gajnal mercenary
  • [3] Hokkien rabble
  • [4] Mercenary sowar
  • [4] Presidential Guard
  • [5] Colonial Grenadiers
  • [5] Tankette.

Unique buildingsEdit

  • Academy - trains your elite units
  • Church - performs taxation and religion research, and is the main stopping point for your auxiliary units.
  • Military-industrial complex (requires 6 levels of Military research; available from [4])
    • Units heal within your borders
    • Reduces the build time of ships, foundry units and aircraft
    • Has a +10 oil and +10 metal bonus (once 3rd Green researched).
    • Reduces the knowledge costs of science research and the research time for military research.
    • Grants access to upgrades that allow for the creation of dreadnoughts, howitzers and heavy machine guns in [5].
    • Has a facility for building recoilless gun infantry and tanks (different non-European sides build different tanks in [5] - Tanks are powerful mechanised units that destroy all other units, but have their own weaknesses - recoilless guns destroy them; they are vulnerable from aircraft attack; a direct hit from a cannon could potentially destroy them; and they are slower than tankettes, although they are much powerful in a shot-for-shot battle.)

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