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East Indies campaignEdit

Unlike other factions, the Dutch begin with three regions: the capital of Jawa, and Ceylon and Formosa. The Dutch, although armed with several Privateer cards, have no territories with power above 1 and so one task the Dutch must do will be to gather tribute to fortify Jawa. Formosa may be lost to either the Chinese, Joseon or Tokugawa, but it will be of no consequence.

In battles, you will need to be wary. Westerners' pop caps are limited per era - 33% for the Colonial Era, 66% for the Mercantile Era and 100% full pop cap by the Imperial Era, and so you will be heavily reliant on diplomacy to enforce your will. This has problems in its own: on one hand, concentrating on undefended areas as there will be less resistance to your troops is a good way to gather armies, yet on the other hand the Dutch face threats from the Achehnese and the Chinese.

Also, temples are unavailable: you will be asked whether to install a missionary network for 50 tribute, or use 100 tribute to hire additional Mercenary Cards every so often. The Missionary network unlocks temples and foot mercenaries, but will alter your relations with factions not at war with you: you will discover that they will tend to be more unfriendly towards you if you should so sponsor missionaries to spread the faith and converts to fight for you. At least, however, you will get a cathedral as opposed to a simple sanctuary!

Starting territories and diplomacyEdit

Starting diplomacy

  • Alliance with: Persia, Ottomans
  • War with: Spain, Portugal

Starting territory

  • Jawa (capital)
  • Ceylon
  • Formosa

Initial bonuses: 4 Letter of Marque cards

Strategic Objectives:

  • Control 50% of the map
  • Accumulate 1,000 tribute

Founding of America campaignEdit

In the campaign, the Dutch are represented by the GWC and are scattered everywhere — their main base is in Guyana, but they also have colonies in the Caribbean and New England, each side defended by a single army. Aside from the Spanish, the Dutch have the most extensive colonies, and must be defeated to unlock Merchant Cavalry from your Fortresses. It is better to purchase the Dutch colonies with your tribute, as opposed to just attacking them because they are much larger than you.

Grand CampaignEdit

In the Grand Campaign, the Netherlands is instead renamed the ahistorical "League of Nations", initially comprising Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands itself, and four colonies. This faction has all the Dutch units of the Imperial, Industrial and Mechanisation eras, but can also train rebels and guerillas. Nation-states that successfully break away from their larger masters will eventually find a home with the League of Nations, but may maintain their identities. For instance:

  • Bulgars, Greeks - will normally appear as Dutch ingame, but train Ottoman units with guerillas
  • Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland, Southern Confederacy - appears as the French, but trains guerillas as well as rebels and rebel cavalry - these units replace heavy infantry and all cavalry
  • Danes - appear as Swedes, but can raise guerillas, as well as rebels and rebel cavalry
  • Poland - appears as Austria, but can raise guerillas, as well as rebels and rebel cavalry
  • Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador - appear as Portugal, but can raise guerillas, as well as rebels and rebel cavalry
  • Afrikaners - appear as Dutch, but can raise guerillas, as well as rebels and rebel cavalry

The League is also a major problem for the British since one of the dilemmas caused in the middle of the game is the Belgian controversy. Britain can choose to as Belgium to be independent, which results in an alliance win the following:

Opt for Belgian independence Belgium to remain part of Netherlands
  • Alliance with France
  • Can buy Latin American and Central American territories from League of Nations
  • Blocks alliance with League of Nations
  • Alliance with Austria and League of Nations
  • Reduces the fort level of Belgium to 1 or results in rebellion
  • Blocks alliance with France

The League is also a nuisance for other factions such as Peru and the United States, since rebel areas in the New World will defect to them.Also, Portugal will join the League once Brazil declares a revolution, swelling the size of the League further. Fortunately however the League is somewhat peaceful and will not attack other factions (it will still send armies to flag new areas, especially Africa once it acquires new armies from Portugal), however should a Great War break out, the League will not join your enemies even if you were not allied with it, the only problem is that the League will not sell land to you. This could be of some use if the League were still alive, but it remains to be seen how this could be manipulated to your advantage.

Starting territories and diplomatic stancesEdit

Starting diplomacy

Starting territory:

Initial resources:

  • 100 tribute
  • 1 x Transport Requisition; 1 x Great Thinker; 2 x Merchant Guild

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