At the heart of modern civilisation is cutting-edge research, and the military-industrial complex best exemplifies this stance. Accessible only to the most scientifically-minded expansionist powers of the world, the military-industrial complex (or "MIC" for short) provides your units with the most powerful and devastating weapons that state-of-the-art fin de siecle science has to offer, ranging from powerful new machines all the way to weapons of mass destruction.


In Time of War: 1800, the MIC is renamed the "Academy of Sciences", and units such as the Tank and 100mm Howitzer are absent.

Units constructedEdit

  • Flamethrower [5]
  • Tanks: Mk V, Fiat 2000, A7V (requires Propulsion System, Modern Artillery from Arsenal)
  • Scout Car:
  • Recoilless gun [5] (requires Mechanisation Doctrine) - highly specialised infantry that deals massive damage to tanks. Costlier than assault infantry, with a better attack, but poor rate of fire.
  • Super heavy artillery:
This version of artillery is costlier, but fairly powerful, having added splash (of 3 as opposed to 2 for normal Modern Artillery) and is meant to function as a super-gun that is devastating to all targets, and deals minimal damage to tanks and airplanes. Unsurprisingly these are huge guns so they have a min range equivakent to their splash damage (2  or 3 in some cases). Austrian Skoda guns have the best splash rate but fire at a set trajectory, while the French ones fire the farthest but are the slowest on the move.

Non-UU upgradesEdit


  • modern artillery. Requires: Rifled Cannon, Advanced Breechloaders + Propulsion system
  • machine gun. Requires Propulsion Systems


  • biplane. Requires: Aerial Warfare
  • bomber aircraft. Requires: Aerial Warfare

Hosted TechnologiesEdit

To unlock the MIC, you must first research Bessemer Process. This then allows you to build it, and it will function like a Terracotta Army.



"How cold steel is, and keen with hunger of blood ..." — Wilfred Owen

  • +200% Ore from mines in a city with a Smelter.
  • Grants access to heavy mechanised units.



Leads to

  • Com6 Pecunia
  • Bessemer Ore
  • Steelworks is the first tier of technology and is required to unlock the rest.
  • Steelworks will allow for the following units: Poilus, Doughboys and Old Contemptibles.
  • From Steelworks you then get,

Advanced BreechloadersEdit

"What passing-bells for these who die as cattle? / Only the monstrous anger of the guns." — Wilfred Owen, 20th century British soldier and poet
  • Boosts Fortifications to Level 3



Leads to

  • Com2 [5]
  • Polit Civitas
  • YuriwandCastrum

|- | |} (req Level 6 Civ, Polyg ARchitecture and [5])

  • Machine Gun,
  • Armoured Car (w Prop sys)
  • Tanks (with Level 7 Mil, Advanced Breechloaders, Prop Systems)
  • Assault Infantry (with Level 6 Mil, Advanced Breechloaders)
  • ARtillery (with Level 6 Mil, Advanced Breechloaders)

Mechanical PropulsionEdit

"A carriage without horse will go, Disaster fill the world with woe." — Charles Hindley, Mother Shipton Prophecies
  • Boosts Supply to Level 3



Leads to

  • Steelw2 Militaerwissenschaft
  • Sci7 Scientia
  • Log2 Boot

Aerial warfare doctrineEdit

"[W]ar had gone on only where the armies marched and met. Now it went on everywhere." — Wells HG et al; A short history of the world (1967 rev ed); Penguin Books

  • Boosts Strategy to Level 3



Leads to

  • Con3 Militaerwissenschaft
  • Com2 [5]
  • Lin Militiae