In Rise of Kings 2, the Senate is instead called the Meeting House, and is used to introduce politics to enhance your civilisation, with 4 sets of mutually exclusive technologies that may be researched.

Feudalism versus Urban CorporationEdit

  • Nothing much changed.

Monarchy versus RepublicEdit

  • this changes the appearance of your Meeting House, by upgrading it to the Palace - which in turn has 2 different appearances, a pre-Industrial one and a post-Industrial one for Europeans.

Absolutism versus ConstitutionalismEdit

  • Nothing much changes

The Third EstateEdit

The "Third Estate" refers to those not part of the nobility nor the clergy in Revolutionary France. This branch of research creates some very powerful abilities. for your patriot, if you are running a democratic republic.

To obtain the Third Estate techs, you must research Republic and Constitutionalism (from your Meeting House) as well as Industrial Society from the Library. Both technologies are exclusive - you cannot have both in the same game.

  • (with Industrial Society) Conservatism (temples stop riots from happening) versus Liberalism (increases research speed, reduces happiness for all other factions if you are the first to research it) - available only if Republic and Constitutionalism was researched.
  • In addition, the Third Estate grants 2 new abilities to your Legislator patriot:
    • If Conservatism was researched, your Legislator generates wealth as long as he is out in the open.
    • If Liberalism was researched instead, enemy villagers and scholars will be converted to your cause whenever they come within your patriots' radius as long as you have the highest score.