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East Indies CampaignEdit

In the East Indies campaign, you are thrust into the role of guiding the Acehnese sultanate in the early 17th century. Already, the Malay states are in disunity, Melaka has been taken over by Portugal, and the Dutch have landed in Jawa. Tasked with taking over 2 continents, you should hedge your bets on the Malay Archipelago first. The Portuguese and the Dutch are not the only threats there to your independence; Siam seeks to control the entire Malay peninsula, while its neighbour Burma is highly belligerent. On the other hand, Burma can prove to be a useful ally in the region, being able not just to keep the Siamese in check, but the Chinese and the Mughals as well too. Upgrading your national territorial strength later is of little interest until the late game.

Once this issue is resolved there are three logical choices left to follow, but only two are of interest: the Middle East, although distant, is the home of your ally the Ottomans, who are slowly expanding towards the Indian Ocean; and their enemy, Persia. Playing off both sides could see you become the next caliph. On the other hand, there too is India, being squabbled over by the likes of the Persians, the Mughals, and several smaller European powers. North Asia also seems a logical choice, except for two problems: it is the home of China, the largest power in the world, and Japan, which while smaller is strong while it remains aloof from the rest of the world - they will have to be left alone, until national territorial strength is considered. Once your second continent is consolidated, a few border wars against your opponents should settle the question of who will win the campaign.