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Despite the increasing appearance of gunpowder weapons with greater ease of use and penetration power, the bow continued to be the weapon of choice for many across the world, even in Europe itself during the Early Modern Era, and there were reasons for doing so: for those involved in ambush warfare in primitive conditions,</span> a heavy weapon with a smouldering match might be something of a hindrance, especially moreso if the ammunition thereof was not easily made. An additional benefit was that skilled archers could easily outwit greener and less heavily armoured musketeers with a better rate of fire and slightly better accuracy, as proven by engagements throughout the British Isles in the early decades of gunpowder weapons.</span>

Still, while a bow was fairly uncomplicated, it took great skill to be used and while it continued to be the weapon of choice for Asian nobility, most users of bows tended to hail from impoverished and lawless areas. For this reason, bowmen continued to be employed in the armies of Sweden, England and Russia until the 18th century when new advances in firearms technology would introduce more reliable triggering systems and rifled guns for hunting, rendering them obsolete for the rich and sophisticated.


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