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Unique unitsEdit

(all heavy ships from the Galleon onward are all available to Japan)

  • Kachi [1] Immensely powerful hand-to-hand infantry unit.
  • Ashigaru 
  • Samurai archers - unlike other medium cavalry, samurai archers have a devastating ranged attack, making them deadly to infantry and cavalry alike. Upgrades to Horse rifle in [4].
  • Kibatai
  • Mikasa-class Battleship [5] Technically like the French Gloire - it can be built in [5] without needing the Military-Industrial Complex.

(Japan gets both the Musketeer and the Heavy ship line)

Unique buildingsEdit

  • Mansion - trains elite units
  • House of Worship - performs taxation and religion research, and is the main stopping point for your auxiliary units.
  • Nobles' Palace (available from [1])
    • Hosts 2 sets of exclusive technologies, unique to non-Western nations.
    • Produces a small trickle of wood.
    • Units produced:
      • Shohei-class battleship [3] => Azuma-class ironclad [4] => Satsuma-class battle cruiser [5] heavy ships that require Foreign Concessions
      • Sohei archers, cavalry and infantry [1-5] extremely tough warrior monks, known for ferocity on the field but worthless against siege, machine guns and armoured units. Requires Divine Mandate.
      • Shinsengumi [4] Requires Divine Mandate. An upgrade for scout units, converting them into secret police corps.

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