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Unique unitsEdit

  • Ghulam cavalry [1] => Shahsevan cavalry [2] Persian heavy cavalry units. Can't upgrade but trained relatively easily.
  • Tofangchi [1] => Jazayerchi [2]
  • Ghulam Infantry (these are heavy infantry, which are formed like the Janissaries, and are lost following the upgrade to either the Presidential Guard or the Life Guards)
  • Nomadic hunters [1-2] Fierce horseriding nomads from Central Asia, who are weaker than normal riders but cheaper and faster to create. Upgrades to carbineers.
  • Shaturnal [1] => Zamburak [2] (light mortar-class artillery mounted on camels)
  • Pikemen, heavy pikemen
  • Archers
  • Fire ships (replaces the galley for Persians)
  • Xebec (warship shared with all Muslims excluding India - possibly)

Unique buildingsEdit

  • Mansion - trains your elite units.
  • Temple - performs taxation and religion research, and is the main stopping point for your auxiliary units.
  • Palace Complex (available from [1])
    • Hosts 2 sets of exclusive technologies, unique to non-Western nations.
    • Produces a small trickle of wood.

Nobles' Palace unitsEdit

  • (With Concessions): Sarbaz regular infantry, Immortal Grenadiers, Sarbaz lancers (ahistorical Western-styled heavy cavalry and infantry available from 2-3 from Nobles' Palace)
  • (with Divine Mandate): Red Turban cavalry and swordsmen (available from 2-3 from Nobles' Palace)


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