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  • Strong early-game cavalry and infantry, with enhanced anti-attritional ability.
  • Food production bonus that grows in proportion with your empire


  • Technologically backward infantry
  • Heavy reliance on unique units and the fluctuability of food production result in a lack of flexibility in unit choices.
  • Mediocre early-game fleet.

Iran is somewhat of an oddity amongst all nations. Although it is a Muslim nation, and therefore can recruit ghazis to swell its ranks, it recruits European mercenaries, and also builds the Nobles' Palace as opposed to a mansabdar. Further, it also has several units it can train which require Nobles' Palace research.

The centrepiece of Iran's army is the army of Nadir Shah. This army revolves around several components: gun conscripts, ranged cavalry and light artillery.

Iran is one of the few nations with a unique artillery unit, the camel gunner or shaturnal, a unit that comes into the game earlier than usual. This unit seeks to combine the mobility of cavalry with the devastating firepower of artillery to create a unit that is fast, yet hard-hitting. Coupled with Iran's camel artillery are its gun line - the tofangchi - and its missile cavalry. These units are little more than rabble, but blessedly come into the game early, and for their failings make for fairly cheap and useful units. Think of them as the ranged equivalents of the Turkish and Chinese light infantry, with a deluxe mounted version. Thus in early games, you should use your zamburak to provide counter-battery fire (they are more mobile than normal artillery), your pikemen to ward off your opponent's heavy cavalry, and finally your tofangchi divisions to take apart what remains of your opponents' army. Iran's specialty is in producing food, thus a massive tofangchi horde can be created nearly overnight to fight for Iran.

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