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Iran features in three different campaigns: the Grand Campaign; the Shahenshah Campaign; and the East Indies Campaign. The Shahenshah Campaign is basically a tutorial to teach you the ins and outs of Rise of the Moderns, while the East Indies campaign sees the player basically following the role of Nadir Shah.

East Indies campaignEdit

Iran is depicted in the East Indies campaign as a state which is strong but at war currently in Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf against the Ottomans (who currently control Mesopotamia) and the Mughals (their allies, rendered as barbarians in India). The Iranian campaign is scripted and the first 4 scenarios are heavily scripted, as they are intended to be a tutorial.

Iran has but one ally, the Dutch. There is but one problem, however: the Dutch are also allied with the Ottomans, and so there may be some trouble in getting help from the Dutch to deal with the Ottomans. Far worse is the fact that the Dutch are also occupying Ceylon in India, but surely there is nothing a small payment of tribute won't fix?

More information on this can be found in the Shahenshah sub-campaign.

Grand CampaignEdit

Iran is a non-playable civ in the Grand Campaign, and covers the territories of Zagros and Persia and in contrast to the mighty Safavid empire of the East Indies campaign, it is vastly weakened. Left to its own devices however it could rise again and will not be very friendly to the Ottomans, although it can be expected that it has a rather difficult relationship with the Russians as well. Depending on what course you take, Iran can be a friend or a hindrance in a Great Game scenario.

Starting territories and diplomatic stancesEdit

Starting territories:

Initial bonuses: 10 tribute