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Unique unitsEdit

  • U-boot [5],successor to the Toro
  • German Grenadiers [2] => Regimental Guard Grenadiers [3-4] => Stosstruppen [5] Ultimate heavy infantry unit. Runs faster, and costs less, and hits harder -but is difficult to upgrade.
  • Black Regiments [3] => Royal rifle regiments [4] => Kaiserliche Jagdbatallion [5] German light infantry line - has no ramp, but is troublesome to upgrade.
  • Cavalry guard [1]
  • Freikorps [3] Germany's militia unit
  • Roundshield swordsmen [1] replaces conscript pike - not as strong as a pikeman, but pretty fast-moving and extremely capable of butchering infantry. Highly effective against enemy arquebusiers.
  • Armed caravans, ribaults, supply?


  • [1] Merchant cavalryman — Weak but rather fast unit.
  • [1] Landsknecht
  • [2] Hessian cavalry
  • [3] Jazda
  • [3] Siberian cossack
  • [3] Foreign chasseurs
  • [4] Uhlan Lancers
  • [5] Tankette.

Unique buildingsEdit

  • Academy - trains your elite units
  • Cathedral - performs taxation and religion research, and is the main stopping point for your auxiliary units.
  • Military-industrial complex (requires 6 levels of Military research; available from [4])

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