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  • Cheap and powerful infantry
  • Good economic bonuses


  • Heavily reliant on science and technology to alleviate atrociously high upgrade costs for the military.

Germany is one of the more well-balanced factions. Unlike Italy, which has a poor army but a substantial food production bonus, or France, whose specialty is in taking and assimilating cities, but with cheaper military research and cheaper villagers to show for economics, Germany has both - a decent army, albeit mostly consisting of infantry, and an economy which requires frequent forward expansion of cities. Civic and economic buildings generate additional resources when built; these resources can be reinvested later to obtain new upgrades....or units....or even more buildings!

With regard to military units and production, Germany receives bonuses for the following: fire ships and submarines, infantry, and fighters. Your army as Germany will consist mainly of line infantry, backed up by the power of your grenadiers, tactically second to none other than the British, but with a few differences. Firstly, German infantry are the foot equivalent of China's cavalry: they have substantially low ramp costs. The Grenadiers also have substantially low ramp costs, and also come with enhanced weapon range and armour, but have an atrociously high upgrade costs - especially moreso after the Mercantile Era. With regards to its navy, Germany is somewhat of an oddity compared to many European factions, as it creates fire ships like Iran, Mexico or China as opposed to the Western ones which favour the creation of galley fleets for the demolition of capital ships and fortifications. These units and the other unit which replaces them, the U-boot, all have production time and cost bonuses which make them substantially more available, population cap willing. In the Mechanisation Era, biplanes become the mainstay of your air force and so Germany has the ability to spawn these units whenever a new air base is created, thus allowing for quick accumulation of air defensive superiority in record time.

A game with Germany thus involves using either one or more of its military bonuses alongside its civic-minded ones. Although the German economy is bound to take off on a good start with economy-enhancing buildings already available from the early game, a German player will need to focus on research as much as possible in order to cut the costs of upgrading its heavy infantry line in order to later bear it down upon the foe. Once this is obtained, there is nothing to stop the German war machine from crushing all and sundry who dare stand it its way, be it on land, at sea, or in the air.