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The German States have the Power of Industry.

National bonusesEdit

  • Technological Innovator: Granary, Lumber Mill, Smelter available at start and research available sooner
  • Legacy of the Hansa: Granary, Lumber Mill, Smelter production upgrades 50% cheaper
  • Will to Triumph: Building completion bonuses +50%
  • Volk und Vaterland: Cities gather extra +5 food, timber, metal
  • Blood, Iron, Salt: Torpedo boats and submarine units cost 25% less, built 33% faster


  • Otto von Bismarck
  • Friedrich the Great
  • Friedrich Wilhelm the Soldier
  • Gebhard von Blücher
  • Wilhelm
  • Moritz of Saxony
  • Augustus


Berlin; Königsberg; Magdeburg; Aachen; Köln; Lübeck; Mainz; Fellin; Augsburg; Leipzig; Stuttgart; Trier; Koblenz; Heidelberg; Nuremberg; Bremen; Halle; Hamburg; Dresden; Constance; Kassel; Marburg; Potsdam; Danzig; Stettin; Glogau

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