In gameEdit

Img galliot france
Galiote à Bombe — Vital statistics

  • Powerful heavy ship with increased rate of fire, built to attain maritime surface superiority.
Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed Movement
18s 675 30 70 (55t) 44
Cost Created from Armour Weapon range Specialty
Base Ramp Pop
Metal: 250;
Ol: 160
Metal: 6;
Ol: 3
2 Shipyard 9 33 ?

Overall strategyEdit

In contrast to the weaker Galleass, the Galiote à Bombe or "bomb galliot" is a vessel that is wholly dedicated to the destruction of fortifications at a distance. For this reason, she is equipped with a heavy mortar rather than a vintage-cast basilisk, making the task of raining death from above an easier task. However, because the Galiote à Bombe has plunging fire, is inaccurate and also suffers from a slow reload time, she is very vulnerable to attack, especially by smaller craft such as the Fire Vessel.

So when assaulting enemy buildings and installations, it is always wise to escort her with other ships, particularly medium craft (if available). A mix of ships consisting of two Galleons and five Brigantines should suffice as an escort surface fleet to fend off whatever your foe may throw at you, unless you can obtain Frigates, which would be cheaper and very much capable of functioning in the escort role.

Unit summaryEdit

  • Powerful heavy ship with increased rate of fire, built to attain surface marine superiority.
  • Has +1 armour and a few more hitpointsand higher rate of fire compared to Man of War.


The Galliot was a flat-bottomed warship built by the Dutch and the German nations during the Early Modern Era, primarily with the transport of trade in the Baltic. They were flat-bottomed (possibly like their Mediterranean ancestors which were known as half-galleys) and were used mostly in coastal navigation, being capable of navigating open water as well as deep rivers and canals. For this reason, they were favoured by the French navy in the early 17th century who were seeking to expand their role and power by being used as gun platforms for mounting siege mortars. Galliots built for this purpose by the French fleet were often larger and stronger than their Dutch counterparts, with hull strength being the major concern in order to receive the recoil their main weapons would have produced in wartime conditions.

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